5 stars rated
I broke my tooth off Friday night of Labor Day Weekend. I read about it on the internet and realized it was a dental emergency. I called about 10 “emergency dentist” offices but the only staff that answered said I had to make an appointment for Tuesday. It was painful and I was surprised I couldn’t get service. I am totally relieved tonight (Sunday) that I found the Shamlian’s office. The dentist answered the phone Sunday afternoon and gave me sound advice (no pressure). I normally don’t like going to the dentist and have avoided it because of bad experiences. I decided to drive up (from Visalia) and I am completely relieved tonight. I got a root canal and temporary crown installed in a few hours. Both of the dentists worked on me and made sure I was comfortable and happy. It was a great experience for me. Thank you Shamlian Dentistry!
-Ryan J.

5 stars rated
Dr. Dennis Shamlian and Dr. Chris Shamlian both worked on and repaired an old dental implant and saved me a few thousand dollars in the process. Staff is very professional and pleasant. I appreciate their dedication to providing excellent dental service and working with me to meet my financial obligation.
-Mark W.

5 stars rated
I was referred to Dr Shamlian’s office after and accident where I chipped 2 teeth and had a TJI. The staff is very friendly and professional. They always checked with me the day after a procedure and genuinely seemed to care.
-Carl T.

5 stars rated
AMEN! I am a very nervous dental patient and therefore I go once a year for a cleaning and when I have a pain develop. This time I had a tooth ache that went up to my ear and actually made me dizzy with extreme nausea. My husband called on a Saturday evening and we were able to get an appt that night! They opened up just for me. I was so relied and so very thankful for Dr Shamlian and his staff. I went from pain close to childbirth levels to none. He was very thoughtful, courteous and kept asking throughout the process if I was feeling any discomfort.
-Traci F.

5 stars rated
First time here. Overall had a great experience. Staff was friendly. Vera did an amazing job in thoroughly cleaning my teeth. Facility was built very nice, nicest I’ve seen. They seem to be a bit expensive, but they worked with me on my budget.
-Alex M.

5 stars rated
I called the office at 2AM to get dental work done. Dr. Dennis Shamlian and his staff rushed to my emergency and helped save my teeth. My follow up was great and I’ve made their general dentistry my primary place.
-Gina V.

5 stars rated
I just returned from a much needed dental visit with
I was looking for good dentist so This is it !! The place is very clean . The staff is very nice and organized.they are fully equipped with new technology and material . they know what they are doing. I like them very much . I hope they will keep up this great treatment for all customers.
Mike N.

5 stars rated
The first time I met Dr Shamlian was on a 3-day weekend when I was in a jam with my 6-year old daughter. She was in immense pain with swelling on her face. She had been to one of those dental buses that come around to the schools (BAD IDEA!!). They removed one of her fillings because they said it was cracked, and then they replaced it.
Dr Shamlian came up on-line and I was so happy when someone answered the phone on a Sunday morning. He met me at his office within 45 minutes. He took an x-ray of my daughter, said the infection was under the filling, and she was in desperate need of a root canal.
She was not an easy patient, being 6 years old, and was in a lot of pain. She was crying and wouldn’t keep her mouth open big enough. He was very patient and stern at the same time. He told her he can’t work if she’s crying and that she had to stop so he could finish.
As soon as he took out the filling, the pressure was released and my daughter felt much better. He finished the root canal and we were on our way.
It was a little costly, but what do you expect on a 3-day weekend in an emergency with a child!! Thank God he was there for us!!
-Attoney Services B.

5 stars rated
Best dentist I’ve ever been to!
Dr. Dennis Shamlian is the most knowledgeable and experienced dentist I’ve been to. Not only does he really know what he’s doing, but he can do it all.
My previous dentist told me that I had a cavity that went down to the gum line and was so large I would probably lose the tooth. To be certain, he would send me to a specialist’s office for confirmation, but to expect that the tooth would be extracted. That was bad news. I’ve seen the consequences with my folks of losing teeth, and believe me, it doesn’t improve the quality of those “Golden” years. Anyway, before that dreaded appointment, I went to visit relatives in Fresno and they suggested that I have Dr. Shamlian evaluate my tooth. He did. He said it was no problem to save it! Needless to say, I was happy to get that news and he was true to his word and saved the tooth.
He was fast, efficient, walked me through every step while going through the procedure, and made me feel very comfortable. This was huge for me because as a kid I had such a terrible experience with several dentists and an abscessed tooth that I would immediately begin to feel my pulse race just at the thought of seeing a dentist. Dr. Shamlian not only restored my faith in that there are some true dental professionals out there who know what they’re doing, but are intuitive with their patient’s needs and concerns. I now make it a point to reserve my dental visits for my trips to see my relatives in Fresno.
– Robert F.

5 stars rated
I’ve been away from dentists for far too long, and because of it I suffered. On a Sunday it bothered me so much that I was getting to the point of pulling it myself if I couldn’t get relief any other way. I searched the internet for emergency dental offices and found this one, so I called and had an appointment to be seen a half hour later, on Sunday mind you.
I went there to meet with the doctor who performed the extraction, that in all my experiences with dentistry was absolutely the best. Relieved from the terrible pain I can only say that this will be my dental office to go to from now on. I really, truly appreciate that he was willing to come out on a Sunday afternoon and help me.
He is very nice, very professional, and really didn’t cause any discomfort that I was expecting when I got there. All I can add is a sincere Thank You.
-Frank V.

5 stars rated
Dr Shamlian and his team are the best! You all need to come here if you want the best dentist in the valley to work on your teeth. No waiting time, comfortable atmosphere, extremely experienced in all dental fields and painless. Every time I need dental work I make sure to come here. I have had a problem with going to the dentist and being scared because I have had a few mishaps in other dentist offices. When I first came here to see Dr. Shamlian I immediately felt safe and felt no need to worry. He is a 24 hour dentist and I came here in an emergency where my wisdom teeth hurt so bad my arm went numb ;( I got two wisdom teeth pulled out which was the quickest and non painful surgery I ever received. No swelling the next day so I went to school with no problems. The dentist is very polite and smart and treated me with care. I will ONLY be going to this dentist from now on. I will be needing a lot of work done to fix my smile and I am positive it will happen with Dr. Shamlian in no time. Next time I’m getting root canals done and I’m proud to say I can’t wait, lol. My smile will be perfect in no time.
– Kim D.

5 stars rated
During Thanksgiving dinner, 2011, I experienced a dental emergency causing shearing pain throughout my jaw that dropped me to my knees. Dr. Shamlian and his staff sacrificed their Thanksgiving evening and precious family memories to attend to my dental emergency… Dr. Shamlian exemplified humility through his unconditional positive regard for a complete stranger in need at the worst possible moment… that I am truly grateful for.
-Cameron S.

rated 4 stars
Competent, personable and professional team.
I was afforded a great, well informed service and every part of my care plan was clearly explained to me beforehand, including options and benefits of the varied treatments that were available.
My treatment was exceptional and I feel as though I own a new mouth. I had previous bad experiences with dentists, but Dr.Shamlian and his team not only corrected previous bad work that had been carried out on my teeth, but also went a long way to restore my faith in dentistry. I will gladly use their services again and aim to have regular check ups as and when I need them.
-Brian K.

5 stars rated
So I gave Dr. Shamlian a call at the beginning of last month because a tooth that I have been ignoring for years finally decided to blow up. I woke up on Saturday and my face had doubled in size so I went to the urgent care 24/7 and they just gave me a shot of pain meds in my butt and told me to go to Dr. Shamlians office. I called him and he met me at the office in less than an hour. I ended up having the tooth pulled because there wasnt much left of it. I didnt have much money so I decided to pull it instead of save it but at least I was out of pain. It took a while for the area to heal because it was a hard extraction but the office was nice and I didnt have to miss any work. Ill go back to him if I have any other problems with my teeth.
-Mark A.

rated 4 stars
This dentist has been our family provider for many years, even prior to us having insurance. His greatest concern is with our general ans specific dental health. He has , and is still mentoring, his children who are joining him in the practice. From that positive mentoring he will have to work hard to keep up with this new generation.
-Gay H.

5 stars rated
I had my wisdom teeth pulled out at Dr.Shamlian’s office. I was sooo scared. Dr.Shamlian and his awsome team eased all my fears. The office was so clean and high tech. I would recommend his office at all you chickens :)
-Jessica Y.

5 stars rated
I just returned from a much needed dental visit with Christopher. Shamlian DDS, I found the staff and Dr.Shamilian to be educated, ( USC Grad),professional and friendly. The office looks like something out of Architectural Digest, only different with has bright shiny clean state of the art dental equipment. First class, you get what you pay for.
– Anna A.